"Given the education, experience, and the background, I have been blessed with a platform from where I am able to launch a venture of any nature or magnitude.


Therefore, it is my goal to pursue challenging endeavors and excel at all undertakings with responsibility and vigor by utilizing this position."

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I have been blessed in terms of experience gained through businesses I have done and clients I have consulted for in over 25 countries expanding over 28 years. Not to forget the diversity of my industries and applications that include Pharmaceutical, Healthcare Technology Transfer, Market Research on Global Emerging Markets, Plastics, Packaging, Textiles, Carpets, Home furnishings, Leather goods, General international trading and many, many more.


However, my recent interactions with Refugees, Ethnic communities and individuals who have braved gruesome sufferings first-hand and watching the rapid rate at which our family and social values are diminishing, have had a rather sobering and a humbling effect on me.


I have stirred up to the fact that there shall always be new opportunities in the World for doing business, there will always be new and exciting ventures tempting us to explore them and there will always be endeavors that will challenge you and invite you to indulge.


There will never be an end to all of this, while the communities and individuals who are losing hope by the day and are not as fortunate as us, need people like you and me to help them right away.


Think about it.


My skills, experience, knowledge and knack for building relationships could be put to much more worthy use if I could redirect these traits towards the noble cause of serving humanity in any possible manner.


Thus, I'm devoting myself one hundred percent towards assisting humanity in whatever capacity and with all my capability from now.


I will be working hard in building a team of individuals such as myself. Hence, if you feel that you are one of us, then I invite you to consider my call very strongly and join hands in pursuing the desperately needed tasks in life that warrant services from people like us.


I look forward to my new and more meaningful phase in life and wish to work with like-minded individuals who have an optimistic and brilliant vision for the future as well.




Shahéd Said Khan

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